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Let us create the perfect Medicare supplemental insurance plan for you

Medicare is a great resource for America's elderly and disabled. But for some people, Medicare doesn't cover all the costs of healthcare. If this applies to you, call Affordable Care Health Insurance, LLC in Henderson & Owensboro, KY. We'll find the ideal supplemental healthcare plan for you so that you can go about your life without stressing over medical bills.

Pay for your long-term care with insurance or an annuity

Prepare yourself or a family member before being diagnosed with a long-term illness. You need to be financially prepared for medical bills for years to come. If you live in Henderson & Owensboro, KY, Affordable Care Health Insurance can find the right long-term care insurance or annuity to meet your needs.

See what else Affordable Care Health Insurance can do for you

Although we specialize in supplemental Medicare plans, that's just a fraction of what we do. At Affordable Care Health Insurance, we're committed to keeping you both healthy and financially secure.

You shouldn't have to go broke paying your medical bills month after month. That's why we offer an array of healthcare-related insurance plans, such as:

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